Campaign of the day

Rewrite your wrongs

Let's earn from our mistakes.

Exchange This Ad

Campaign of the long weekend

Or this headline for this word: buttline.

Campaign of the year

The Impossible Signing Sessions

Poetry is not dead. But this poet was.

Campaign of the week

The Truth

How telling the truth ended up selling the truth.

Campaign of the century

Pre-Roll Concerts


I'm not racist but

Campaign of the month

We’re not saying this is the best campaign ever, but…

Red Devils Mascot

Campaign of the World Cup

Look daddy, we made it to the national football team.

Who’s the “disappointment” now?

Coming Soon


The title of this campaign is not based on personal experiences. We swear.

Campaign in the ass

Erotic Masterpieces

Dirty minds think alike.

New Lotto

Campaign of the weekend

A whole Lotto chance of winning.

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